Year: 2022

Are Financial Penalties for Breaching an Employment Contract Legal?

Is a large financial penalty for breaching my employment contract legal?

In many situations, a financial penalty for breaching an employment contract due to early termination is enforceable. However, courts have found that a penalty for breaching a contract that is excessive and therefore coercive may not be enforceable. If you have questions about the enforceability of a financial penalty term in your employment contract, talk to an Ohio Employment Lawyer at Mansell Law. Continue reading “Are Financial Penalties for Breaching an Employment Contract Legal?”

Should I Get My Severance Agreement Reviewed?


My Employer Offered Me A Severance, Should I Get The Agreement Reviewed Before I Sign It?

Yes, talk to an Ohio Employment Lawyer at Mansell Law today to discuss having your severance agreement reviewed. Many employers require employees to sign agreements containing broad legal releases in return for a severance payout. By signing the agreement, you could be waiving important legal rights or claims you have against your employer. Speaking to an employment lawyer about your severance package will help you understand exactly what you are agreeing to when you accept your severance package. Our Ohio Employment Attorneys may also be able to assist you in negotiating a bigger severance. Contact us today to book a review and consultation of your severance package. Continue reading “Should I Get My Severance Agreement Reviewed?”

Covid Vaccine Mandates: Supreme Court Decision

The Latest Supreme Court Decisions on Employer COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

What is the latest on from the Supreme Court on the vaccine mandates? Can your employer require you to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in order to keep your job? Will you have to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing and wear a mask in your workplace if you are unvaccinated? Is your employer properly complying with COVID-19 safety requirements?

The answers to these questions are rapidly evolving as courts grapple with these nuanced legal issues. However, the Supreme Court’s latest ruling on these issues provides some clarity. Your Ohio Employment Lawyers explain everything you need to know about current COVID-19 vaccination and testing laws in the workplace. Continue reading “Covid Vaccine Mandates: Supreme Court Decision”