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Reviews of Your Ohio Employment Attorneys

Choosing an Ohio employment lawyer can be difficult. Below are some testimonials from former clients that wanted to let those seeking an attorney know about their experience with Mansell Law and our attorneys: Greg Mansell, Carrie Dyer, Kyle Anderson, and Rhiannon Herbert. We want you to feel comfortable and secure with your choice of Columbus employment attorney.

I was very nervous about finding an employment attorney in Columbus when I lost my job. After searching for quite some time Mr. Mansell came to me highly recommended as an aggressive but charismatic lawyer. From the first time we met and throughout my case Greg kept me well informed. The attorney to client communication was astonishing as he personally contacted me with frequent updates. Do other employment lawyers do that? I felt like he was a personal friend and I was quite comfortable during our various meetings. I felt like he personally cared about my employment case and he fought for me. I always knew the employment lawyers at Mansell Law were on my side and they never backed down. He was very professional with the opposing parties and never gave up. He won my case for me. I will always be grateful to him for changing my life and making the process of selecting an employment lawyer painless. My life was in his hands as well as my employment career and he came through for me. I would recommend him to everybody I know who needs an employment attorney, he is simply amazing. If you are searching for an employment lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than Mansell Law!

Denise V., Nurse Manager – Columbus, Ohio

Greg is an excellent employment attorney and I would strongly recommend him to anyone, especially those closest to me. I came across Mansell Law when I searched for Columbus Employment Lawyers. I got lucky! His assistance was essential to gaining a quick approval in my recent Long Term Disability claim, due to the extensive and complex medical background! A little over a year ago I had an initial consultation with Greg to discuss an issue with my employer not responding to my (Americans with Disabilities Act)ADA requests. I was so impressed with his expertise, confidence, and passion towards advocacy that all the employment lawyers had at Mansell Law. There was no question who I was going to hire for my upcoming LTD claim. Unfortunately, my health had continued to decline over the year, and I was not the easiest nor most reliable client. There were times when I was not reachable because I was sick in bed for days at a time. In addition to this, I experienced many technical problems and even created a filter accidentally blocking all of Greg’s emails the week before my claim was due. Even though I was oblivious to the problem, thus ignoring all of his emails, Greg rearranged his schedule to help me ensure all of the paperwork was submitted in time! Many attorneys would not have been as accommodating or as knowledgeable! I was shocked to learn that my claim was approved during the initial review, and I’m confident that it would not have been possible without Greg’s outstanding legal guidance!!

Emaly Littlefield, Approval of Long Term Disability Benefits – Columbus, Ohio

Greg Mansell and the employment attorneys at Mansell Law helped not only me but my family in a time of need. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. I was in an unfortunate situation due to no fault of my own. Mr. Mansell was willing to go the extra mile to help me with legal matters when I felt helpless. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for an employment attorney in Ohio. Thank you Mr. Mansell.

Mike D., Disabled Veteran, Disability Discrimination – Columbus, Ohio

Greg Mansell did a tremendous job walking me through the process – counseling me – and making me feel comfortable about my deposition was great! Finding an employment lawyer is difficult. Definitely do you homework before selecting and attorney and know that you can’t go wrong with Mansell Law. Thanks again!

R.W., Age Discrimination – Columbus, Ohio

I owe my job to Greg Mansell’s work. When I came to him after searching for an employment lawyer in Cincinnati, the writing was on the wall that I would be terminated and I felt there was nothing I could do. Mr. Mansell took an aggressive approach and made my employer back down. It saved my job and let me sleep at night. I really can’t say enough about his approach and knowledge. He truly cares about helping the individuals and listening to the client’s needs. No matter where you are in Ohio, Mansell Law is the right team of employment lawyers.

M.L., Gender Discrimination – Cincinnati, Ohio

You hope to never have to look for an employment attorney but I’m glad I found Mansell Law to represent me in Toledo, Ohio.  From the start Greg Mansell made me feel confident in my case and seemed to truly care about my feelings and views. He knew the best approach when it came time to present my case. He contacted me and made sure I did not feel alone or confused the day of my hearing. I felt very proud to have him on my side as he shined while leaving the other side stumbling for answers. I was very excited to win my case, but even if I didn’t, there wouldn’t be regret as I know he was the best choice for a Toledo employment lawyer.

Jayson K., Wage and Hour – Toledo, Ohio

I talked to many employment attorneys in Ohio before I decided to go with Mansell Law.  Carrie and Greg we on top of it from the beginning. Their approach made sense and they were always able to explain things to me in a way I could understand.  We worked as a team on my wrongful termination case that involved the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act. I am extremely happy with the result and cannot say enough good things about these lawyers.  If you are unsure about which employment law firm to pick, these employment lawyers are amazing and represented me in Dayton, Ohio.

Mark W., FMLA and Disability Discrimination – Dayton, Ohio

I was nervous about selecting an employment attorney in Cleveland Ohio because the company I worked at was so large. So I started looking at employment attorneys in Columbus, OH.  I found an amazing firm!  Mansell Law and its lawyers were always responsive and kept me up to date on case happenings. They listened to what I wanted and aggressively pursued it. I am so happy to have found these Columbus employment lawyers even though I live and worked in Cleveland. They have my highest recommendation.

Linda H., Discrimination and Retaliation – Cleveland, Ohio

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Mansell Law’s Ohio employment attorneys are devoted and aggressive.  The attorneys have been recognized by Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers and Best Law Firms in America, Top 40 Trial Lawyers, Avvo.com, Top Three Best Employment Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, Expertise.com, Lawyers of Distinction and many other forums. You cannot pay for this recognition. These awards are selected based on the opinions of other attorneys, including opposing attorneys that have seen our commitment to getting individuals what they deserve. You don’t get our ratings without a sincere passion for employment law and employee rights. Contact your Columbus employment lawyer today.