Columbus Employment Lawyers: Ohio Labor Laws Practice Areas

Employment Law Practice Areas

The following descriptions and definitions provided by your Columbus employment lawyers are brief overviews of employment laws and employee rights in Ohio. These Ohio Labor Laws and their application to your situation are complex. This is not legal advice and should not be relied on as such. Before making any decision regarding your legal rights, it is important to schedule a Free Consultation with your Columbus Ohio employment attorneys and Ohio overtime lawyers. These practice areas do not provide a full range of Mansell Law’s legal services. If you have an employment concern that is not contained here, please contact your Ohio employment attorney to answer questions.  Remember, we represent individuals all over Ohio, including Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Marion, Athens, Cleveland, Youngstown, and Mansfield. Our attorneys believe that no one should be subject to wrongful termination, a hostile work environment, or unlawful discrimination.

For more specific information about some of these employment laws and employment cases, check out our employment attorney law blog .

This is not a comprehensive list of laws and is meant to be a guide so you have more information on the type of employment law claim you may have. We always advise you to seek out more information from your employment lawyers in Columbus, Ohio.  There are many different kinds of discrimination and unlawful retaliation. In addition, the Ohio Overtime Laws and exemptions can be confusing and complex. We provide a free consultation to determine if our attorneys can assist you with your employment issues.  We will evaluate whether any of your employee rights have been violated.  We take pride in getting our clients what they deserve. Check out our results and reviews for more information.

We have handled cases against the biggest employers. Our Columbus employment attorneys handle discrimination, retaliation, unpaid overtime, unpaid wages, FMLA, ADA, disability discrimination, wrongful termination, hostile work environment, non-competes, severance agreements, employment contracts, and much more.  Or if you have questions about intermittent FMLA guidelines, Columbus Minimum Wage, Ohio Lunch Break Laws, or FMLA in Ohio, we have the knowledge to assist! Our employment lawyers in Columbus Ohio would be happy to discuss your options during a free consultation.