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At Mansell Law, our Columbus, Ohio employment attorneys understand the hardship and humiliation that results from unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, a hostile work environment, and failure to pay overtime, wages or long term disability benefits. We also know that, as an individual or employee, you feel outnumbered and that the odds are stacked against you. Partner up with our Columbus employment lawyers and level the playing field. We take an aggressive approach to end the unlawful actions and get you the results you deserve.  Whether you are being harassed for taking medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), your employer is not paying you overtime, or there is some other employment law related issue or wrongful termination, our Ohio employment lawyers can help! Let us defend your rights, end hostile work environments, and fight on your behalf – call us for a free consultation today.

Our team of employment attorneys are centrally located in Columbus, Ohio and have successfully represented employees all over Ohio, including in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo, Cleveland, Marion, Youngstown, Athens and the rest of Ohio. Our overtime attorneys and discrimination lawyers can represent you no matter where you live in Ohio. So if you are looking for an employment lawyer or wrongful termination attorneys, reach out to us!

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Our Employment Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio handle all types of cases related to Employment Law and Employee Rights, including but not limited to: wrongful termination; hostile work environment; discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) retaliation; failure to accommodate; gender discrimination; sexual harassment; unpaid wages; unpaid overtime compensation; race discrimination; religious discrimination; USERRA military discrimination; non-compete lawsuits; severance negotiations; Fair Credit Reporting Act and much more.  Check out our practice areas page for more information on employment laws we cover. We also assist employees with employment contracts, agreements, non-compete evaluation, FMLA paperwork, and severance negotiation and review.  Also, if you are seeking an employment lawyer in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo, Cleveland, Athens, Marion, or anywhere else in Ohio, our lawyers can represent you. We are an Ohio employment law firm dedicated to protecting employee rights. Each employment attorney at Mansell Law is truly passionate about protecting employees against discrimination and wrongful terminations. No one should work in a hostile work environment. Moreover, Ohio Overtime Laws can be complex and it may be hard to tell if you are being paid correctly. If you think you should be getting paid overtime or other wages, reach out for a free consultation to attorneys experienced in Ohio overtime and wage laws.

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The Ohio employment attorneys at Mansell Law are devoted and aggressive.  Our  passion for employee rights has been recognized by Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers and Best Law Firms in America, Expertise 20 Best Employment Lawyers in Columbus Ohio, Top 40 Trial Lawyers, Avvo.com, Top Three Best Employment Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, Lawyers of Distinction and many other forums. These top rankings are selected based on the opinions of other attorneys, including opposing attorneys that have seen our commitment to getting individuals what they deserve. You don’t get our employment attorney ratings without a sincere passion for employment law and employee rights! Contact your Columbus Employment Attorney today.  You will see that our Columbus attorneys will be extremely responsive and make sure communication is consistent. Our clients are our first priority, you will see this right from the first free consultation to the very end.

Also be sure to check out our employment law blog to get updates from your Ohio employment lawyer on relevant issues and laws affecting your rights as an employee.  We cover topics such as when you should be paid for travel time, when is discrimination unlawful, what is considered illegal retaliation, FMLA leave, what is considered “wrongful termination,” ADA compliance, issues with a background check, what is considered a hostile work environment, what is considered sexual harassment, and what employee rights are protected.  Our employment lawyer blog covers cases all over Ohio, Columbus, and the U.S.  Our employment attorneys are constantly staying on top of the latest legal opinions, the best procedures and strategies for employee rights lawyers to get our clients the best result, and the ever changing area of Ohio and Federal employment laws.  Our thirst for knowledge helps our employment attorneys identify all possible options to assist you and give employees the best representation possible.

Meet our employment attorneys in Columbus: Greg Mansell; Carrie Dyer; Rhiannon Herbert; and Rebecca Hill. We love to make your employer answer for what they’ve done and hold them accountable. Call or contact your Columbus, Ohio team of employment law attorneys today!

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