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What Happens to my Job Status if I Take FMLA Leave?

So you tell your employer you need time off work because of a medical condition and your employer provides you Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork for your doctor to fill out. Your doctor sends in the paperwork with an estimated return to work date. Are you guaranteed your same job back? Our Ohio FMLA Lawyers provide all the answers on your right to reinstatement after taking protected leave under the FMLA.   Continue reading “What Happens to my Job Status if I Take FMLA Leave?”

Employer Requiring No Restrictions or To Be “100% Healed” before Returning to Work?

Is your employer requiring you to be 100% or requiring your doctor to release you back to work with no restrictions? This article deals with the potential legal violations associated with such requirements. For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act only requires you to be qualified. Qualified is defined as able to perform the essential functions of your job with or without a reasonable accommodation. Therefore, if you have restrictions but are able to perform your job with an accommodation, you are entitled to work. For other examples, Read the Full Article Here.