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Mansell Law has successfully represented thousands of employees in cases of unpaid overtime and other wages.  Our Cincinnati unpaid overtime attorneys have represented single individuals to classes of more than 23,000 individuals – and everything in between.  If you are not being paid your wages or overtime correctly, then you have come to the right employment law firm.

Experienced Cincinnati Ohio Attorney Fighting Overtime Violations

Nurses, home health care workers, call center employees, servers, construction workers, and most other employees in Ohio are required to be paid overtime for hours worked over 40 hours a single week. The overtime rate in Ohio is one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate of pay. There are many reasons why an employer violates to overtime laws but the most common is to save money at the expense of you, the employee. Our Cincinnati unpaid overtime attorney can help you recover for unpaid overtime wages, including your unpaid wages, liquidated damages, attorney’s fees and costs.  There is almost no risk to you as employee to see if you are owed wages under the law. In fact, it is unlawful to retaliate against employees for pursuing overtime to which they are entitled.

Common overtime violations in Ohio

  • -Employees are forced to work off the clock
  • -Employee time is rounded in favor of the employer when the employee clocks in and out
  • -Companies do not keep track of employee work hours correctly
  • -Tipped employees wages are not calculated correctly
  • -Employees are only allowed to put down there “scheduled” shift on their time card
  • -Pre-shift and post-shift activities are not compensated
  • -Employees are not compensated for travel between worksite
  • -Employees are misclassified as exempt from overtime or as salaried employees

Mansell Law is a Proven & Experienced Cincinnati Unpaid Overtime Attorney

The wage and hour laws were meant to protect the backbone of this country, the workers who put in long hours so this country and state can thrive. You are entitled to be paid correctly for the hard work you perform. Employers commonly violate these overtime laws by taking shortcuts and because of greed.  It is you, the worker, that makes the business successful. Not only is it unfair to withhold wages you are owed, it violates the overtime laws.

Our unpaid overtime attorneys understand these complex Ohio overtime laws.  We are here to assist employees in and around the Cincinnati, Ohio area to get what is rightfully your – the wages you worked hard to earn.  Our Cincinnati employment attorneys have had tremendous success representing individual employees and classes of employees in cases of unpaid wages and overtime compensation.

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