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The Employment Attorneys at Mansell Law can assist you with employment contracts.

Have you recently started a new job or otherwise been given an employment contract to sign as a condition of your continued employment? It is important to understand the terms of your employment contract, and your obligations under it, before you sign. It is far easier and less costly to address issues beforehand rather than fighting over these issues upon separation. Contact your Ohio Employment Contract Lawyer to review, and potentially negotiate or dispute, the terms of your employment contract.

Already signed your employment contract? We may still be able to help:

My Employer Breached its Employment Contract with Me

If your employer doesn’t perform each of its obligations under your employment contract, you may have a claim for breach of contract. There are numerous ways in which employers can breach employment contracts, such as failing to properly pay you or terminating your employment before your end date without just cause (if this is a provision in your contract). For more information on breach of contract claims, check out our Contract Disputes/Breach of Contract Practice Area Page.

My Employer is Claiming I Breached My Employment Contract

These issues typically arise in the context of Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation provisions. If your employer claims you breached a provision of your employment contract, it could potentially bring a breach of contract claim against you and/or pursue an injunction (court order) requiring you to stop performing work until the matter is resolved. While the idea of your employer restraining your ability to make a living is daunting, we are here to help you negotiate and potentially reduce the restrictive nature of your employment contract.

What If I Just Want Someone to Review My Employment Contract?

We can help! Even if you don’t have any particular concerns about signing an employment agreement, it’s always a good idea to have a lawyer review your employment contract before you sign it (or after you sign, to understand your rights and obligations). We can review your employment contract and then discuss each of its provisions and the potential impact on your current and future employment. Give us a call today or submit online for a consultation.


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