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The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4112 are employment laws that prohibit discrimination against individuals.  There are various types of discrimination including age discrimination, race discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, color discrimination, national origin discrimination, religious discrimination, disability discrimination, discrimination based on sex (gender discrimination), LGBT discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and gender identity discrimination. It is illegal to discriminate in any aspect of employment, including:

    • Hiring and firing;
    • Compensation, assignment, or classification of employees;
    • Transfer, promotion, layoff, or recall;
    • Job advertisements;
    • Recruitment;
    • Testing;
    • Use of company facilities;
    • Training and apprenticeship programs;
    • Fringe benefits;
    • Pay, retirement plans, and disability leave; or
    • Other terms and conditions of employment.

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