Hostile Work Environment Attorney Toledo Ohio

The Ohio employment attorneys at Mansell Law has represented many employees in the Toledo, Ohio area in hostile work environment claims. We believe that the key to a successful business is how it treats its employees, and no employee should have to deal with harassment at work. You dedicate a huge portion of your life to your company, so you should feel safe, supported, and respected by your peers and by your supervisors. If you are unhappy in your role, then your employer should proactively work to address the issue, not make it worse by subjecting you to hostility. We work hard to get your hostile work environment resolved or to pursue legal action if your employer refuses to resolve the issues.

Whether your harasser is a supervisor, co-worker, or even a non-employee, our Toledo Hostile Work Environment Lawyers are here to defend your right to be free from workplace hostility. Our results and reviews show that our employment attorneys have been consistently successful in representing employees in hostile work environment claims. We will review your case and ensure you are informed of all your options if you should find yourself in a hostile or abusive work environment.

In Ohio, it is considered unlawful to subject an employee to a hostile work environment based on:

    • discrimination or negative comments or slurs because of an employee’s race, color, national origin, religion, age, military status, sex, or pregnancy;
      • -It is also unlawful to subject an employee to a sexually hostile work environment through sexual harassment.
    • -An employee’s actions in opposing unlawful behavior (also known as retaliation);
    • -An employee’s disability or need for a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act or Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA); or
    • -Other characteristics or actions, depending on your specific situation.

While these situations don’t encompass all unfair treatment in the workplace, our Toledo, Ohio employment lawyers can identify whether the harassment you’ve been subjected to qualifies as a hostile work environment under the law. Hostile work environment claims are very fact-intensive and complex, but whether the harassment you faced was an isolated incident or an ongoing issue, our Toledo Hostile Work Environment Attorneys want to give you the best strategy for success. We take an aggressive approach to employee rights, and we will ensure your voice is heard every step of the way.

If you or someone you know has been subjected to a hostile work environment, our Toledo, Ohio employment attorneys will stand up and fight against the employers who have allowed these intolerable working conditions to occur. Reach out to our hostile work environment attorneys for a FREE consultation by calling (614) 610-4134 or by filling out our online form.