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What Is Gap Time


What is Gap Time? Should My Employer Be Paying Me For It?

“Gap time” is a term used to describe the gap between hours paid by an employer and non-overtime hours worked.[1] When an hourly employee is scheduled and works 40 hours in a week, no gap time exists.  Generally, gap time issues arise when an hourly employee works who regularly works less than 40 hours each week performs “off the clock” work for their employer. If you have questions about unpaid wages reach out to Mansell Law, Wage and Hour Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio. Continue reading “What Is Gap Time”

Mansell Law Recognized by U.S. News as Best Law Firms in America

Mansell Law has been recognized by U.S. News and Best Lawyers as “Best Law Firms in America” in two categories: Employment Law – Individuals; and, Litigation – Labor and employment. See Our Listing.  To obtain this ranking, there is a rigorous process that includes peer review, client review, and an independent analysis of the law firm. For more information on the process, visit U.S. News.

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