Employee Handbooks: Does My Small Business Need One?

What Are Employee Handbooks?

Generally, employee handbooks are informational guides that put employees on notice of their employer’s internal policies, procedures, benefits, and workplace expectations. Employee handbooks may also include information about the company’s, mission, values, and culture.

For example, an employee handbook may include an outline of the employer’s attendance policy, Paid Time Off (PTO) policy, workplace code of conduct, or progressive disciplinary policy. Employee handbooks may also include contact information for the employer’s Human Resource Department or instructions on how the employee may file a workplace related grievance. Contact Mansell Law’s Labor and Employment Attorneys to learn more about creating formal employment policies and procedures for your business.

Are Employee Handbooks Helpful?

Employee handbooks are beneficial to both the employer and employee. For the employee, the employee handbook communicates a clear set of expectations of their employment and advises the employee on how they can comply with their employer’s internal policies and procedures. For employers, an employee handbook helps ensure that the company’s policies and procedures are clearly communicated to employees. Most importantly, clear, concise, and consistently applied internal policies and procedures may help the employer defend against employment related legal disputes.

I Am A Small Business Owner; Do I Really Need An Official Employee Handbook?

Yes, having a formal employee handbook is a good idea for any employer regardless of size. Federal and state employment laws affect all companies, even small and medium sized businesses. Employee handbooks are an effective way for employers to ensure their employment policies and procedures comply with the law before adverse employment conflicts arise, thus saving employers costs associated with defending litigation actions.

How Can My Business Get An Employee Handbook?

It is important that any employee handbook is customized to meet the needs of your particular business and remains complaint with the most up to date versions of federal and state employment law. Contact a Columbus, Ohio Employment Attorney at Mansell Law today to discuss creating an employee handbook tailored for your company and needs.

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